OUR Values

In today’s competitive world, IEL leadership believes it is necessary to preserve moral practices in order to stay on top. IEL has five core values in which we live and operate under. We take these values very seriously, and they are a part of everything we do.


It’s our name for a reason. Every decision made at IEL is based on integrity in the way we interact with our customers, vendors, carriers, community and one another.

High Performance

IEL’s employees are the backbone of the company’s overall success. Their hard work and dedication are the reasons why we’ve grown so much the past few years.

Passion for Excellence

IEL is committed to providing its customers with the best possible service. We ensure our customer needs and expectations are always met and continue to be met!

Sharing Ideas

The logistics business is constantly changing. We encourage employees to share ideas and give feedback so that we can provide new perspectives, increase productivity and drive change.

Team Effectiveness

Employees are consistently working together across business groups and geographical boundaries to implement optimal solutions for our customers. Our ability to grasp present opportunities and project the future while communicating changes will provide IEL with a leadership advantage.
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